Fa Xian Xian Ji (Beijing) Investments Co. Ltd. was established in 2016. The company's business scope includes investment management, investment consultancy and investment technology development. We rely on strong investment research capabilities, research and development of proprietary quantitative investment models, designed specifically for the Chinese A-Shares market. Our clients include institutional investors, high net worth individuals as well as accredited investors, to whom we provide personalized portfolio management and professional investment advisory services.

We explore innovative investment technologies based on the four core principles of Fa Xian Xian Ji, “Explore Technology”, “Seize the Opportunity”, “Continuous Improvements” and “Pursuance of Excellence”. We strive to achieve outstanding profitability in the global equity market. Fa Xian Xian Ji relies on accurate insights on global economic trends and advanced technology analysis to implement flexible allocation of assets and achieve absolute returns for our investors.


Fa Xian Xian Ji is the leading investment specialist on China A-Shares and index investments, utilizing flexible portfolio allocation and investment strategies to maximize returns


Since our establishment, the company has adhered to the four principles of Fa Xian Xian Ji, "Explore Technology", "Seize the Opportunity", "Continuous Improvements" and " Pursuance of Excellence ".

Dear investors:

In accordance to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, such as the "People's Republic of China Securities Investment Fund Law" and the "Interim Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Private Equity Investment Funds", investors must be accredited investors with strong risk identification, assessment and tolerance. The criteria for qualifying investors in private equity funds are as follows:

I. Institutions and individuals with corresponding risk identification capabilities and risk-bearing capabilities who invest in a single private equity fund of not less than 1 million yuan and meet the following relevant standards:

1. Institutions with a net asset of not less than CNY 10 million;
2. Personal financial assets of not less than CNY 3 million or average annual personal income for the last three years is not less than CNY 500,000. (The financial assets referred to in the preceding paragraph include bank deposits, stocks, bonds, fund shares, asset management plans, bank wealth management products, trust plans, insurance products, futures rights, etc.)

II. The following investors are deemed qualified investors:
1. Social security funds, enterprise annuities, charity funds;
2. Investment plans established in accordance with the law and subject to the supervision of the financial supervision and management agency of the State Council;
3. Private equity fund managers and their employees who invest in the private equity funds they manage;
4. Other investors as required by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

The various information and data contained on this website are for reference only and do not constitute advertisements or sales offers, or recommendations to buy any securities, funds or other investment vehicles. The prices of investment products and their returns fluctuate, and past product performance data does not indicate their future performance. Investors should not rely on the data provided on this website to make investment decisions. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of fund products may fluctuate greatly and may fall sharply in a short period of time, causing investors to lose part or all of their investment amount. Investors should carefully read the product legal documents, understand the risk-return characteristics of the product and judge whether the product is compatible with the investor's risk tolerance according to their own investment purpose, investment period, investment experience, asset status, etc., and bear the investment risks themselves. The various information, opinions and data contained on this website are information that we consider to be legal or public, and only represent the analysis, speculation and judgment of [Fa Xian Xian Ji] on the day of publication. The information in this article does not in any way constitute any investment advice. If the above information is no longer accurate or invalid due to changes in the situation or other factors after the date on which the information is based, [Fa Xian Xian Ji] shall not be held responsible for it. If it is confirmed that you or the institution you represent is an "Accredited Investor" and will comply with applicable regulations, please click the "Confirm" button to continue browsing the company's website. All copyrights, patent rights, intellectual property rights and other property rights related to the materials on this website are owned by the company.





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